Delicious Tahini Recipe and Quinoa Bowls!

Ayurveda reminds us that opposites balance and therefore during the windy, mobile varying season of fall, aka Vata season, we need to introduce more grounding, warming foods into our meals to help keep us feeling good.

My new favorite meal prep menu is quinoa bowls. Yeah, I know I am late to the quinoa bowl game but bear with me. What I love about building my own quinoa bowl is that I can throw in all of the seasonal veggies I want and each time I build a bowl it's different.

To hold me down for a few days I cook two cups of quinoa, using half veggie stock, half water when cooking. Then I cook some black beans – one can of beans is enough for a few bowls. Then I roast whatever veggies I want/got from the farmers market. Let yourself be creative. Sweet potatoes are a must! When I'm ready to assemble the bowl I put chopped kale as my first layer, then quinoa, the beans, roasted veggies and then I add the deliciousness of my tahini dressing.

All love and credit goes to my amazing friend, Nuri, who put me on to this recipe during our stay at Joshua Tree – it seriously makes the quinoa bowl! Plus it's so good, I'm sure you'll want to pour it on just veggies, salads and anything else you can think of! Plus since it's base is tahini sauce it's perfectly balancing for this time of year.



•    2-4 whole lemons
•    Tahini sauce
•    Cilantro (one bunch)
•    Garlic
•    Salt
•    Pepper


This is where you can allow yourself to cultivate the inner chef that lives in you! The following is a baseline of how I make my tahini dressing for the quinoa bowls, however, depending on the size/amount of juice you get from your lemons, how garlicy you want it to taste, etc will determine what your tahini dressing measurements. In blender mix together 1 cup lemon juice, 3 cups tahini sauce, 8 garlic cloves, a bit of salt and pepper, one bunch of ciltrano – roots chopped off. Add water if it's too thick – but slowly because if you water it down too much you'll need to add a lot of tahini to get it to the right consistency again.