Music Medicine for New Moon in Virgo

We look to the new moon to lay our seeds in the fertile grounds of mama earth, our spirits, our hearts and our lives. To be able to see something new grow, which we may harvest when the time is right. If you are like my friends and I, you are reading all the astrology blogs and clearing space on your calendar to be able to really manifest things in your life.

I told my sister-wife-friend yesterday that the new moon in Virgo was a powerful one, not only because I was feeling it but also because all our favorite astrologers were saying some powerful things about it. And both of us being Virgo rising, I said to her it needed to be really specific intentions. So rather than saying "I want to grow pumpkins" we need to be saying "I want to grow a pumpkin patch so that I can have some pumpkins to carve in time for Halloween" (yes, I know that isn't realistic cause pumpkins take longer to grow than that – it's just an example y'all). The point I was trying to get at is that sometimes we need to get a bit more real with what we want in our lives. We throw out these grand statements, sometimes, as a way to cover our fear for real change, growth and joy. Or sometimes, as Chani Nicholas said, we just want "to stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best."

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali can be described as the yoga guidebook to life – an ancient philosophical text, which drops gems in small threads called sutras. I opened mine this morning to this:

सत्यप्रतिष्ठायां क्रियाफलाश्रयत्वम्॥३६॥
satya pratisthayam kriyaphalasrayatvam || 2.36||

satya=truth; pratisthayam=upon having established; kriya=action; phala=fruit, result; asrayatvam=the nature of being a support or base – Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Sri Swami Satchidananda translation

When one is dedicated to truth and integrity, our thoughts, words and actions gain the power to manifest. With establishment in honesty, the state of fearlessness comes; one need not be afraid of anybody and can always lead an open life.

I knew why the universe revealed this to me. Last night I let fear take over and I wasn't able to stand fully in my truth or integrity. I woke up this morning not feeling good about it and questioning why I didn’t feel good. It didn't take long for me to realize that I had let fear become larger than my own boundaries and needs and my ability to communicate those. And yet this new moon is all about me recognizing two key things in my life: where there are still energy leaks in my life & checking in with my internal dialogue as I navigate my life. (let me just tell you that as a DominiNuYoRican, my internal dialogue is one lit telenovela at times! wowza. Thank goddesses for the yoga.).

So I made a playlist. I danced with my breath on my yoga mat & I wrote this. Basically y'all getting a snippet of tonight's class! 

My hope is that you enjoy this new moon playlist. Whether it's while you're eating lunch, letting the sun hit your face, working out, or writing your new moon manifestations. My hope is that you take this sutra and ask yourself how you are committed to your own truth and integrity as you write down your manifestations.

Blessed New Moon in Virgo!