Listening & Purifying

I had this idea for a post in my head for a minute now and in my head and sometimes even verbally I've started it. Even having moments of like "daaaamn, that's a fire line, you should write that down somewhere" and never actually doing such. And now I wish I had, haha. I think it's safe to say that if I'm going to write – I should probably just record myself first and transcribe later on.

I'm a work in progress. But aren’t we all?

i'm just adding a picture of my dog cause she looks so royal. and that's kind of how i feel inside when everything is in alignment.

i'm just adding a picture of my dog cause she looks so royal. and that's kind of how i feel inside when everything is in alignment.

Anyway. As I sat to write this I realized that Saturday is the full moon in Libra. I love reading about what's happening in the stars and how that relates to what the sky looked like at the exact same moment I was born and it's impact on my life now. I'm always amazed when it's all in alignment. One of the astrologers I like to follow, Renee from embodied astrology said in her podcast "The need for freedom does not have to be an argument against the need for stability. The need to be autonomous and in control of your energetic output with other people and to not feel constrained by them, does not need to be in conflict with your desire to formalize energetic output for yourself." And this resonated with me so hard!

I think it's safe to say that for the past month, as we explored the subtle body where I teach, I've been focusing on an exploration of our higher chakras (our energetic centers that focus more on our connection to each other/universal consciousness) from a place of groundedness. The exploration of living under "and/both" instead of "either/or" so that we can move beyond this dualistic, limiting, separative frame of reference. And what does even 'groundedness' even mean when so many spiritual circles condemn the ego as this godforsaken thing.

Here's my thing: if we are going to explore being connected in community, in collective consciousness, in a way in which we are showing up fully then we must, must, must look at ourselves first and heal our own internal landscape. AND both things can be happening simultaneously because we live cyclically not linearly.

Our third chakra – manipura – is the seat of our transformative power and fire. In Ayurveda this area holds our agni/digestive fire. Speaking anatomically it's where our stomach and digestive track live. Energetically speaking this is our city of gems, where our ego resides, along with our connection to self-esteem, will, & autonomy. It's how we understand "I am".

Having this part of our bodies function properly is major key in our health – on all levels. If we are not properly digesting our foods, our emotions, etc then things begin to build up and we end up with blockages. If we have blockages in our physical connection to our sense of selves then we end up with a host of problems: low energy or overly aggressive, low self-esteem or power hungry, poor digestion and passivity or stubbornness and temper-tantrums, etc. Having this physical and energetic center of ourselves operate well means that we have a healthy connection to our power and our will.

Shifting the way we understand and define what power looks like is key in being able to sort through blockages. From the Latin root podere, meaning "to be able" power is simply the ability to make change and exists for one reason only – transformation. It's safe to say that our oppressive, capitalistic system has engrained in us that power means to dominate over, to struggle over dualities and exert brut force until one side wins. Both externally and internally. Internally what that ends up looking like is we are constantly at war with ourselves, living in this "either/or" mentality. Externally we are not even aware of how we either try to dominate spaces/conversations/people or lack the proper boundaries to preserve the essence of "I am". See power is not a thing but a way, a process of becoming, of understanding who you are.

I recently was trying to explain to someone the value of understanding how we show up in conversations, spaces, etc. That if we aren't aware of our own energy we may end up in arguments versus conversations, drained by social interactions, or a host of other things. When we can move from this centered place of connection to our internal power it is easier to show up in spaces that allow you to feel both free and connected. This takes a deep listening. A listening that occurs both when we meditate and while practicing mindfulness throughout our day.

Vissudha - our communication center – means purification. Our mouth, ears and throat are part of the symbolic world of the mind. It's one way we express our internal to our external. And every time we speak truthfully, authentically and rid ourselves of toxins, we give ourselves a vibrational refinement strengthening our vissudha.  We all understand that life is rhythmic, that vibrations are happening all around us from our heartbeats to the vibration of atomic particles within our cells all resonating in this single system together, right? I hope so.

I forget where I read this but someone wrote: "what choices would you make if you could actually see your energy consequences?" (I feel like maybe Chani Nicholas said that?!) Imagine that. If you could actually see the impact of your internal landscape as it manifest into energetic vibrations and lands and effects the resonance of things/people around you – how would that change the way you not only treat your inside but how you navigate this external plane?  

Here are some other questions for you to sit with in general or with this full moon in Libra on Saturday: What are your values? What is the foundation of your integrity? How do you uphold these in your every day lives? How do you balance how you show up for yourself and how you show up for others?

And to get you through the questions, here's a playlist I made that seems to be a favorite for a lot of students. Three of these songs are sung by my acupuncturist/healer/gift from her ancestors, MaJo and they may not play for you because these are songs from my personal library but you can support her by buying the album here on bandcamp and then you can indulge as much as you'd like.