We got Us. Full moon in Aries

This post is dedicated to everyone who came out last night to the rally in defense of Puerto Rico, to my kindred family who consistently show up at my PoC: We got Us weekly yoga class and to my beloved community of black, brown and indigenous gente who are constantly under attack yet remain resilient & joyful. I do this for y'all.

Last night I went from chanting Puerto Rico se Levanta (we lift you up Puerto Rico), discussing the ways in which the United States continues to have its colonial grip on the island and our people and how we can begin to break free and become a sovereign nation, to holding space for my weekly PoC: We got Us yoga class. And I'll admit I went IN during my opening dharma talk. I was full of love for my people across the diaspora. All I want is for each and every one of us to be free AND in this fight towards liberation, keeping our vision bright on a different future and our hearts full, instead of depleted. While honoring all roles we each play in this journey.

Yoga, teaches us that all our experiences are stored in the citta (the mind). Repeated impressions sink down to the bottom of the mental lake. When situations allow they come to the surface. When we do something several times it becomes habit; continue with that habit and it become our character. Ifa teaches us that part of the development of good character is gaining wisdom. One way to gain wisdom is through the observation of natural forces as they manifest. We begin to understand that the outside nature is a visual representation of how our inside nature work.

With this we can equate our mental lake to Olokun, the spirit of the vast depths of the ocean and holder of the secrets of the past, present and the future. In the depth of our mental lake we hold the secrets to our past, present and our future. When situations arise for these impressions to come to the surface, we can see what's hidden, by looking at our character. At the bottom of the deep sea in the waters of Olokun are death, rebirth and renewal, therefore, at the bottom of our mental lake is the same. However, we just need the proper diving tools to be able to get to the roots of these mental patterns that need removing and renewal. We make offerings to Olokun to welcome abundance and wealth into our lives but what if we made these offerings to the depth of our mental lake? What if instead of being afraid of getting to the root of our thought patterns, we praised the opportunity to do so? So that we can cut ties from things that keep us from developing good character, things that keep us from experiencing joy, things which keep us from getting free?

It can be painful. We are meant to feel pain but that doesn't mean we have to suffer. Those are two different things. Breaking from the grips of the master means that we are able to sit with our pain, our trauma, our very real lived experiences, our ancestor's experiences and transforming them. Every time we invite joy into our life, we win. Every time we become the master of our mind, we win. Every time we make ceremony and offerings to ourselves, we win.

Let this full moon in Aries reveal the power you have inside and have gathered around you because you aren't meant to do it alone (this is key!). Take care of yourself and your tribe. Take pleasure in your journey. Take pleasure in your unraveling and rebirth. Take pleasure in your truth. And know that you got you but also that We Got Us.


Enjoy last night's playlist! Jam to it while indulging in the beauty of this harvest moon. If you have not seen her out this week, do not miss her tonight!