Refreshing, Healthy Fruit-Infused Water

Summer = Pitta season. 

Pitta is our fire element (with a tad bit of water) and when the heat rolls around it's important for us to do things to stay hydrated and cool - so we won't burn up! Summer also means tons of delicious fruit in the markets!!

Here are some of my favorite fruit-infused water combinations: 

·      Strawberries, lemon & basil

·      Watermelon & spearmint

·      Raspberries & spearmint

·      Lemon, lime, orange & cucumber

·      Blueberries & mandarin (or any orange)

Directions: Add desired fruits to a pitcher and then fill it with water! Allow the fruits to soak for anywhere from 2 hours to overnight, depending on the fruit combo you've selected. Add as much or as little as you'd like.