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Roots Healing Spring '18 Soup Cleanse

  • Roots Healing Oakland, CA, 94607 United States (map)

Spring cleaning time has arrived! Don't just plan on deep cleaning your home, plan on deep cleaning your insides, too.


Ayurveda teaches us that doing seasonal cleanses is good for our body, as a way to rid toxins and fortify our insides, based on what is happening in our surroundings. The juncture of the seasons is an especially important time for us to be mindful of our practices to maintain our positive health. Think about it - how many people (yourself included) find yourself getting sick between the junction of 'winter' and 'spring'? These soup cleanses allow our bodies to get rid of ama, and the spring soup cleanse focuses on giving our liver a deep cleanse, supporting our immune system and getting realigned & ready for the summer. If you're new to the soup cleanse and wondering why soup? Well, simply put, in the eyes of Ayurveda juice cleanses are not good for our system. Plus if you remember what we said about Kapha season and its qualities, the last thing we want is to introduce cold, moist drinks into our system.

This is now our third soup cleanse as a community and I just love how the group keep growing with folks from across the states taking part, cooking their own soups, offering feedback and support to each other not only during the weekend, 3-day cleanse but also before during prep work and post with how they feel. I searched high and low for the perfect soup cleanse recipe book that understood the principles of Ayurveda and I love my soupelina's soup cleanse recipe book by Elina Fuhrman for this reason.

If you want to be a part of the cleanse happening the weekend of March 24th, all you have to do is sign up here to let me know you're down! Doesn't matter where you are physically located, it's all going down virtually. I will send out the ingredients list to the group along with all the recipes. All you have to do is buy your stuff, make your soup and share your experience with everyone else in the group online! 

FIRST TIME OFFERING: The most common feedback I've gotten is that people wanted to join the cleanse but couldn't find the time to cook. For those that are interested in joining the cleanse and would prefer to outsource the actually cooking, shoot me an email

The soup cleanse consists of five different soups a day for three days. You can do anywhere from 3-5 days, but we'll keep it to three days for the group. The soups are:

  • Breakfast: You're my Fava-rite!
  • Mid-morning snack: Lemongrass Cleansing Broth
  • Lunch: That's Just Dandy!
  • Mid-afternoon snack: Shake Your Tamarind
  • Dinner: Mint, Take a Hint!

"The soup cleanse was exactly the reset my system needed. Though it wasn't exactly easy, it was more effective at solving my GI issues than anything else. Since the cleanse, I've found myself taking a more thoughtful approach to my cravings and the food I eat. I'm looking forward to making it a regular part of my seasonal routine." - Fall Soup Cleanse participant.