Why ayurveda is for you?

Are you desiring a deeper connection to your natural state of health and balance?
Do you crave a good night's sleep, a happy belly and better focus?
You want to see your food as your medicine and learn ways to cultivate a new relationship with food?
You out here just trying live your best life?!

What is Ayurveda?

Ayur – Life
Veda – wisdom/knowledge/science

Rooted in India's most cherished scriptures known as the Vedas, Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of preventative health, as well as, a philosophy of living. Ayurveda respects the uniqueness of the individual, considers all levels of the individual - body, mind & spirit, emphasizes prevention, empowers everyone in their own well-being, offers natural ways of promoting health! Physical diseases are due to engaging in excessive use of our senses, improper eating, or ignoring the cycles of the seasons or our age. Ayurveda cures by getting to the root cause of the disease instead of merely treating the symptoms and then reestablishes balance to our system. 

How Ayurveda defines health:

Sama dosha sama agnishcha samadhatu mala kriyaha |
Prasanna atma indriyamanah swastha iti abhidheeyate ||

Health is the state of complete harmony and balance of functional principles (dosha), digestive and metabolic fires (agni), tissues (dhatus)
and elimination of wastes (mala) with pleasant and vibrant soul, mind and sense. 

Working with Minerva is an awesome eye-opening and educational experience. She teaches with love and clarity, and reminds her students and clients to be gentle with ourselves when making change. Minerva is joyful and honest, inspiring trust in her knowledge and allowing clients to open up and share authentically how we need support. I learned a lot from our work together and while I’m slowly integrating her suggestions into my lifestyle, I know that I’m supported and that I’ve been given trustworthy information. I recommend her in all the ways, you can tell she really cares about helping heal her community!
— Janna


Initial Consultation : 2 hours

$200 | New Client

Our two hours together is designed to evaluate your health history, your current health concerns, what looking, feeling and being whole and vibrant means to you, as well as, how Ayurveda and myself can support you in this journey. The consultation includes a series of questions and exploration to determine your Prakruti (your health state at conception/your unique make-up) and your Vikruiti (your current doshic imbalances) – trying to get to the root cause. The evaluation may reveal subtle emotional or mental blocks adding to your current health concerns. With all this knowledge, we begin to understand that we are more than our imbalances and how to live in alignment with our individual nature.

After our session you will receive a Swasthavritta Plan (personalized health plan) with lifestyle suggestions including:

  • dietary recommendations
  • lifestyle suggestions: morning & bedtime/sleep rituals, sensory practices (smell, sight & sounds)
  • movement/yoga routines
  • pranayama exercises
  • herbal recommendations

Through an Ayurvedic consultation you get the chance to reclaim your health by supporting, enhancing and rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

Can be done in person or via skype/FaceTime.


ayurveda food

Ayurveda Starter Package 

$350 | New Clients

Perfect for those who are looking to jump right into making healthier lifestyle choices based on Ayurveda's time-tested knowledge, with more 1:1 guidance. This package includes:

  • Initial Consultation 
  • Detailed Swasthavritta Plan
  • Two (2) follow-up calls; 30-minutes each week two and week four after consultation
  • One (1) weekly meal plan/menu ideas with shopping list

A $425 value.


ayurveda herbs

Follow-Up Visit: 30 minutes

$55 | Returning Clients

This 30-minute follow up call offers us the chance to check in with your progress in your Swasthavritta Plan (personalized health plan) and areas where more support is desired. The end result may include alterations to any of the areas discussed in your original plan or additional routines/therapies to try.



ayurveda health packages

Customized Packages  

New & Returning Clients

Open yourself to the numerous ways of coming home to yourself using the wisdom of Ayurveda with one-on-one guidance. With only a handful of packages available each season, select from one month through three months to work 1:1 with me. Packages are tailored to the areas you want to focus on, which may include the following: 

  • Food as Medicine: shifting your relationship with food to begin to see it as your medicine and your first point of maintaining your natural state of health. Done through a combination of, but not limited to: detailed Swasthavritta plan; meal planning; shopping lists for your dosha; detailed personalized food lists; seasonal food lists; biweekly check-ins; recipes; and seasonal soup cleanse guidance.
  • Ritual as Freedom: embracing routine in our life allows for space and clarity we may have never thought possible. This can look like, but not limited to: guidance with implementing and maintaining morning and evening rituals; yoga, movement and meditation privates; detailed plan for slow introduction of Swasthavritta recommendations; ancestor reverence and altar work.

Minerva is a true gem! She taught an Ayurveda class during my yoga teacher training and immediately had me interested in this fascinating practice, and wanting to learn more. During my initial consultation with her, I felt as if I was talking with a life-long friend. She made me feel safe and truly listened to. Her Ayurveda recommendations to balance out my Doshas were thorough and focused on daily routines, eating habits, sleep schedules, and sensorial stimulation. They have been so helpful, and I have ever since incorporated them into my day to day with ease. Thank you, Minerva!
— Nicole